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Zone.Health is the world’s first program to use personalized metabolic data with a ‘clinic-in the-cloud’ model.

Traditional weight loss programs don’t work because sustainable weight loss doesn’t come from simply dieting, exercising and calorie counting. It comes from improving your metabolic health.

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Zone.Health doctors identify your biological blockers to weight loss and develop a hyper-personalized weight loss path that includes FDA-approved medications and wearables coupled with a program that is centered around behavioral changes. We call this continuous metabolic monitoring.

If you are unable to lose weight with diet and exercise alone, this could be due to common metabolic disorders and we can help. Weight care is more than just “eat less, move more”.

Up to 70% of your weight can be determined by your genes, this does not mean you cannot change it. It just means you have to address what’s going on at the cellular level.

But medication alone won’t achieve the greatest results. Zone Health’s unique program pairs medication with continuous  metabolic monitoring and sustained behavioral change.

Average Weight Reduction in kg and BMI %

Zone.Health Program vs. Medication Only

Weight Loss %

Medical studies show that the guarantee of weight loss by using GLP-1 and not implementing the behavioral change of most people is 5% or more. Zone.Health clinical study with our members’ results showed that, on average, the person who follows our program loses 10% or more over six months. The latest Zone.Health research of 179 members showed an average weight loss ratio of 11.48% after six months.

Reference for medical trial of only medication using: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2796491