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Many people reading this article have been stalked by excess weight for most of their lives. Most have spent much of their time, money and energy trying diet after diet and fad after fad, only for the lost weight to return. More often than not, these failing trials have been accompanied by a lot of stigma and negative feelings of unworthiness, frustration, shame and guilt – all fueled by a societal reluctance to acknowledge the complex, pathological and recurring nature of obesity, and shift the attitude towards obesity by looking at it as a metabolic disease, caused by more than just the simple lack of willpower – much like diabetes and high blood pressure.

A plethora of scientific evidence indeed highlights the involvement of a range of individual factors in the development of obesity including a person’s genetic profile, lifestyle habits and environmental surrounding – meaning that each obesity case is unique and as such, the resulting treatment should be highly individualized.

Yet, the current treatment model for obesity continues to adopt a one-size-fits all approach, providing the same diet and exercise recommendations to all weight loss seekers, regardless of their individual needs and circumstances. Throughout their journey towards weight loss, individuals may seek the help of multiple healthcare providers, including doctors, dietitians, and mental health professionals – who would have nothing to offer besides the same outdated and superficial advice to “eat less and move more”, and a lack of coordination in their efforts to deliver comprehensive and effective care.

The result?

A long, broken, frustrating, expensive and ineffective treatment journey resulting in soaring obesity prevalence that continues to rise year on year.

Shifting the Mindset

Obesity treatment requires more than simple and superficial diet tweaks; it requires a revolution and a complete shift in the way we think and approach this condition. We at Zone.Health, are making the pledge to drive this revolution.

For us it’s a mission as much as it is a business. A start of a journey – hopefully one we’ll share together – one in which we aim to learn, improve and adapt as we grow. 

Our mission? To provide all weight loss seekers with the tools, knowledge, support and integrated medical care they deserve to achieve the best possible outcomes: The lowest cost in the shortest possible time.

Our solution is modern, holistic, evidence-based, hyper-personalized, engaging, data-driven, and tech-enabled. This approach addresses the different intricacies that make weight loss difficult. 

What’s in Zone.Health

Zone.Health is the world’s first weight loss program to use continuous metabolic monitoring with a “clinic-in-the-cloud” model. Our program features:

  1. Doctor-prescribed and FDA-approved medications called GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptides) – the use of which has been proven to lead to significant weight loss and better metabolic health.
  2. The integrated care of a multidisciplinary team of health professionals that include doctors, dietitians, nurses, and health coaches – who all understand that traditional diets don’t work and who will support your weight loss.
  3. The use of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to track your blood sugar at all times and derive data-driven actions to reduce your cravings and support your metabolism.
  4. Laboratory testing & scanning to assess your metabolic health and uncover any hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies that may be blocking your weight loss.
  5. Wearables and smart device integration to keep you engaged and promote adherence as proven by scientific evidence.
  6. An integrated platform that enables you to track and improve your food, exercise, sleep, and emotional health habits, and receive continuous feedback and support from your care team.

Join the Weight Loss Revolution

The time to understand how we can fix our metabolic health is now. Take the first step, get in the zone and be part of our community of members. 

Guaranteeing Weight Loss Or Your Money Back

You read that right. Our program is value-based and we promise to help you lose 10% of your weight in 6 months or give you your money-back. No caveats.

Whilst weight loss may vary from person to person depending on each individuals’ biology and adherence to the program, our members achieve an average of 12% weight loss within 6 months – that’s about 2x the results achieved when using the GLP-1 medications alone.

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