Zone empowers those experiencing stress and related issues. It gives people personalized tools to take control over their mental and emotional wellbeing using evidence-based scientific methods and the natural mechanisms already built into the human body.

Our Mission

We want to help solve the epidemic that is affecting millions people around the world – stress. 3 out of 4 adults reported moderate to high levels of stress, nearly half reported stress increasing in the past year and psychiatric medication has been estimated to be the third leading cause of death in the United States. We are determined to create all-natural, effective solutions.

Our Story

Founder Chad Vardas’ passion for mental health started in high school when his quality of life was deteriorating. He often noticed that his breathing would become shallow and his heart would race. The smallest stressors felt large, leaving a weighted pressure on his chest. He began to lose focus and decided to seek medical help. That was when Chad was given the same diagnosis that nearly 1/5 of Americans have been given- an Anxiety Disorder.

Relieved to have a name for his condition, he sought treatment to assist him. Prescription drugs significantly worsened his state, so he began to research alternative methods.

That was when he discovered HRV Biofeedback – the link between our breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and mental health. He reached out to Dr. Richard Gevirtz, the pioneer in HRV Biofeedback, to learn more. Astonished by the improvement in his mental health, Chad set out to bring this technology to the masses. He dreamt of every stressed individual owning a wearable that personalizes breathing to their own body. This marked the birth of Zone.

 He understood that achieving his goal of designing a miniature and portable version of this science would not be easy, but with experts such as Dr. Richard Gevirtz assisting him, it became possible.

The Team that made it possible

Chad Vardas
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Neuroscience & Entrepreneurship


Mission to Provide Effective Drug-Free

Relief for All

Scott Sanders
Board Director

Serial Entrepreneur
Successful Exits
Active Angel Investor
Finance Background

Erik Birkfeld


Project Manager w/ 16 Years Exp.

Royce White

NBA Player
Led Mental Health movement in NBA

Jared Bond
Director of Marketing

Marketing and operations background

Alex Reyes

Operations / Front-End Engineer

Management Graduate and Software Engineer

Alex Jones

Full Stack Engineer


Dr. Gail Naughton
Board Director

Commercialized 4 products
Raised $350M
105 patents
Former Dean of SDSU

Dr. Erik Peper

Head of Technical Advisory Board 

Internationally known biofeedback expert

Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Eddie Rodriguez
Business Advisor

VC with licensing exp. and exits

Chris Holbrook
Business Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur

       Bernhard Schroeder         Business Advisor

Built $1B Marketing Agency